Glendale CA Dental Practice – Competitive Analysis on SEO Keywords


SEO Keyword Frequency Cloud for Dental Offices in Glendale CA
Note:  the FONT Size represents the frequency of the word used by Glendale Dental Offices in their SEO efforts
I was curious as to what SEO keywords are currently used by Dental Practices in Glendale California.  I gathered a sample of 100 dental offices in Glendale from several online directories, and searched for their websites.    Out of the 110 entries , about 50 dental practices had a website.  I collected keywords data for the 50 websites and analyzed what I found.

Here are my findings:

  • 61  Dental Practices did not have websites out of 111 total dental offices on my list.    55% of dental offices do not have a website.  That could mean offices that are new,offices that already have client based that didn’t need a website, or perhaps dentists that share the same office or moved away.  Basically half of the dentists do not have websites.
  •  Out of the 50 offices that had websites ,  12 of them did not have any keywords landing on the top 20 position of Google search results.   That’s 24% of them not having keywords results on the 1st and 2nd pages of Google search results.
  • A national dental practice that had a huge amount of keywords on top 20 result positions.  They had 1700+ keywords with many landing on the first page of the search results.
  • Out of the 50 offices that had websites ,  12 of them did not have any keywords landing on the top 20 position of Google search results.   That’s 24% of them not having ANY keywords on the top 20 of Google search results.
  •  There were 1426 keywords used by the remaining 37 dental offices (excluding national practice)
  • 127 Unique keywords are used by Glendale dental practices resulting on the first page of results
  • Top THREE dental offices have an average of 38 keywords showing on the top 20 results with a total of 115 keywords (excludes national office)


 The Top Four Glendale CA dental practices based on keyword count is listed here


Dentist 1

24 Keywords on top 10

are veneers expensivelaser frenectomy cost
frenectomy laserlaser labial frenectomy
frenectomy recovery timelaser lingual frenectomy
front teeth veneersmouth breather symptoms
front tooth veneermouth breathing problems
front tooth veneersnatural dentistry
front veneerssmall lateral incisors
how celebrities fix their teethupper labial frenum surgery
how expensive are veneer front teeth
how much are veneers for front teethveneers for front teeth
laser frenectomyveneers front teeth
laser frenectomy childrenveneers on front teeth

Dentist 2

21 Keywords on top 10

cosmetic jaw surgery before and aftermaxillofacial jaw surgery pictures
orthognathic surgery before aftermaxillofacial surgery before after
orthognathic surgery before and aftermaxillofacial surgery before and after
orthognathic surgery before and after photosjaw surgery images
orthognathic surgery before and after picturesmid face lift photos
orthognathic surgery photosoral surgeon in glendale ca
before and after orthognathic surgeryjaw surgery pics
jaw surgery before and after photoscorrective jaw surgery before and after
jaw surgery photosjaw surgery before and after pictures
orthognathic surgery picturesmaxillofacial surgery photos
before and after jaw surgery

Dentist 3

13 Keywords on top 10

glendale dentistdentists glendale
dentist glendaledentists glendale ca
dentist glendale cadentists in glendale
dentist in glendaleglendale cosmetic dentist
dentist in glendale cakids dental place glendale ca
glendale dentistsglendale ca dentist
cosmetic dentist glendale

Dentist 4

11 Keywords on top 10

ear jaw and neck painneck ear and jaw pain
ear jaw neck painneck jaw and ear pain
ear neck and jaw painpain in jaw and head
face and neck paintherasol oral antiseptic
head and jaw paintooth repair options
head neck and jaw pain

Top 12 Dental Offices By Keywords on Top 20

Dental Office - W1586
Dental Office - S40
Dental Office - C39
Dental Office - S36
Dental Office - M31
Dental Office - D22
Dental Office - O21
Dental Office - C20
Dental Office - L16
Dental Office - D9
Dental Office - D9
Dental Office - C8


About 30 percent of the dental offices are getting some Organic search traffic from Google with handful of dental offices having 30+ keywords. Dental offices who do not have a web presense or who have not performed SEO on their website are obviously disadvantaged. Leveraging the web to obtain customers can boost your bottom line.    The most common keywords used by Glendale dentists are in the form of  “Dentist in Glendale CA”  others reach into the creative genius and tie that back to what customers are looking for to come up with unique keywords to maximize web traffic  (ex: “how celebrities fix their teeth”).  No matter what you do the most important thing is to make sure you have a well built and functional website for you existing and incoming patients.

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Note: This is not a scientific analysis since various approximation and sample have been taken.  Google search data and SERP changes also constantly.